Armer Group export and import

Who are we and how do we work?


Armer Group Company under the executive management of Mrs. Mohadese Najmaddini

The company’s activities include export, import, production and participation in branding and marketing sectors in different countries in 5 areas: 1- food, agriculture and fisheries, 2- petroleum, chemical and petrochemical products, 3- construction materials, 4- clothing. and medical supplies 5- It is handicrafts that, with holding shares of Armer Group of Turkey, is practically directly in the central offices located in the countries of Turkey (Istanbul, Van, Mersin), Iraq (Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, Baghdad), UAE (Dubai, It operates in Abu Dhabi, Armenia (Yervan), Georgia (Batumi) and Eurasian countries, and also develops, sells, supplies and displays Iran’s first grade products in its covered stores in other countries.

We offer you


We evaluate your company’s readiness to enter or expand international markets or new export markets. The export readiness assessment gives you an overview of the export status of your product. This awareness makes you know new and international markets better and measure your position in these markets. As you know, to enter the export markets or to expand the market, we need technical, financial, managerial and human resources. If the necessary infrastructure is not foreseen in advance, considering the many competitors, we will definitely face problems.

In short, there are four practical steps for export preparation that companies should implement for their products and collections:

  • 1
    Establishing time and money commitments to fulfill export orders
  • 2
    Establishing realistic expectations about the return on export investment
  • 3
    Create a detailed export plan with the aim of achieving real business growth
  • 4
    Product and service modification based on regulations and cultural preferences in foreign markets

As soon as we receive your request, our work will begin, we will provide you with technical and financial proposals including various proposals and give you the chance to view several options. We facilitate trade matching and B2B negotiation between foreign buyers visiting our center and our members by doing the following.

  • 1
    Feasibility research - market research and market research in target countries
  • 2
    Developing a marketing plan and determining the quantitative or qualitative characteristics of products to enter the target market (formulation - packaging, etc.)
  • 3
    Identifying distribution networks and communicating effectively with them
  • 4
    Pursuing the acquisition of legal permits required to operate in the target country (legal - standards, etc.)
  • 5
    Creating the necessary infrastructure for marketing and branding products in the target country
  • 6
    Creating marketing programs (incentives - campaigns and providing after-sales services and installation services, etc.)
  • 7
    Pursuing the documents required for successful export to the target country
  • 8
    Accurate identification of export costs to the target country (transportation - clearance, etc.)
  • 9
    Providing advice on pricing based on demand and the presence of competitors in the market
  • 10
    Carrying out warehousing and transportation
  • 11
    Risk management of payments and obligations of the parties

The factories are visited and approved by the inspectors and the products are evaluated with sufficient qualification to enter the export markets. We are ready to help the buyers to get their products among the best manufacturers.